Whole Brain® Thinking

Make a magical difference to your team

What is the that magical ‘difference that makes the difference’? That certain something that seems to create a consistently high performing team, where they appear to deliver the impossible and with a smile?

Assuming the required talent and competence is in the team - that magical difference is simply connection and faith. Connection with the rest of the team and then faith in the teams’ ability to deliver. Easy to identify  and not easy to create!

And yet, when we focus on increased self-awareness we ultimately develop self empowerment which leads to team empowerment!

The first step can be as simple as understanding that we all have different thinking preferences or habits.

Not wrong or right - just diverse - and we know diversity is a key building block in creating connection and ultimately faith or belief in the team.

A great way to identify these habits is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument ® (HBDI).  

Our thinking habits create dominance (like those of the body - one of my dominances is that I am right handed) and when I understand my thinking I can begin to see how it impacts everything I do, from how I communicate to how I create, and ultimately how I trust.

Knowing me is important and often reaffirming - knowing my impact on others is critical to successful working relationships.

When a team member understands their and their team’s thinking preferences then everyone’s self knowledge increases, relationships improve and the magic begins.

All of this can be achieved from an online survey and 1 or 2 one-to-one sessions focused on self awareness, self-appreciation and ultimately other awareness.

Knowing others from a team perspective - supported by the team data coming from Whole Brain ® Thinking - can help us discover and consciously focus on the thinking diversity of the team.....stepping us on the journey to harnessing the difference that makes a difference!