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What is Meditation?

Lot of stories and fear surround meditation. People ask me who it’s for and why they should bother. They might say, “I go to the gym so I’m ok!”

The simple truth is that meditation is about focusing the mind for a period of time on a purpose of your choosing. This is a very natural human activity, particularly during traumatic events, when we all welcome some time and space to think and reflect. In reality, this mind exercise is probably just as, if not more important than physical exercise.  If you care about your performance and your well-being  then meditation is not optional!  

Why MediTation?

The benefits are so numerous:

  • At a physical level it aids restful sleep and strengthens the immune system. The impact on an individual or team suffering tiredness or repeated illness can be devastating.

  • At an emotional level it supports self-esteem and confidence, enabling an enhanced learning ability. It aids the removal of anxiety and stress, which we all know can have a significant impact on health.

  • At a spiritual level it helps us to connect more effectively with those we work with and delivers a greater sense of harmony, connecting and unifying teams and building trust and faith in their’ ability.

Greater connection ultimately leads to happier and more productive working environments.

Who Should Do Meditation?

The benefits are freely available to all of us, young and old, individuals and teams.  

The added benefit for a team in the work environment is that they can connect at a far deeper level than more traditional team-building events can usually achieve – with no props!

What Happens In One of My Meditation Sessions?

There is a process, albeit short…

  • We begin with a route in, coming into a different way of being and coming out of being busy.

  • Then we focus, guided by the needs of the group.

  • Finally, we close the session and come back to work, play or whatever.

Download a free meditation by me

Where Can I Do Meditation?

Anywhere is perfect – especially in the working environment and at any time of day!

Oh, and the more you practise the better you get!

If you are looking for a 45 minute taster session contact me via this site

Feedback On My Meditation

We work in a very fast-paced environment, where we never seem to stop:  we go from one meeting to another, followed by conference calls, emails etc… Thinking to take one hour for myself,  to truly dedicate a moment only to myself, felt like a luxury, but afterwards I understood how much I actually needed it! Taking the time to pause, to leave everything outside and truly engage with my myself gave me the right boost to go back to work and face everything with a clearer  mind and focus. 

It made me more aware of myself and of the people around me and for the rest of the afternoon I felt re-energized!

I found the meditation session very calming which I really needed at that moment - my head was feeling very overwhelmed and jumbled (don’t know if you could tell but I was agitated before we sat down). It was great to have a moment to centre myself and just breathe.

Brings a sense of calmness, relief, weightless, lightness and some quality time during the day to switch off and think about ‘me’.  Had a very productive afternoon, I felt very organised with a sense of positivity.