Who Am I Really?


We play many roles in life and and it seems the more we have the better! Depending who I am speaking to I am: the leader, head of collaboration, engagement queen, loyal worker, partner, mother, cook, dog walker, rescuer, peacemaker….

I met a lady earlier this week, let’s call her Jane, she is in a senior role and struggling with her ‘aggressive boss’. When I asked her who she was, she responded with a number of ‘usual roles’ and added ‘protector of her team, from the boss’ and ‘person with ambition that has had to push it inside to cope with her boss.’ She has been fulfilling this role for over 2 years and it clearly weighed heavily on her! The price she is paying is high, the situation is becoming increasingly energy draining and, most importantly, this is not sustainable.

With each role comes a perceived way of being, an expectation, an ideal we need to live up to or risk being seen as a failure, unworthy of the job, or worst of all, just not good enough!

And yet how often do we stop to ask, to ask “Who am I really?"

As we struggle beneath the weight of all our roles we lose sight of the brilliant, inspirational and wise human being just waiting to be unburdened from all that expectation and stress.

With a bit of work and the right intention we can discover and even change who we are.

We can acknowledge the current version of ‘me’ and all the roles she has carried and achieved before moving to our core identity.

We’re like the butterfly above, our wings closed, eyes watchful. But it’s easier than you imagine to unfurl our wings, display their beauty, and take off!

If you would like the opportunity to undergo this process of unburdening and experience your core identity under my careful guidance please contact me or join me at the Women in Leadership Summit, 12-13th September in Barcelona, where I’m running an interactive session.

During the workshop you will identify the roles that define you today and, following a safe process, have the opportunity to reshape those roles to create a more conscious, aligned and purposeful identity.

It promises to be an incredible event!