Is This Really It?

Photo by David Osmond Photography

Photo by David Osmond Photography

After a tough day, tough week and what seems like an endlessly tough future, we can often find ourselves asking, Is this it? Is this what life is really all about?

It seems that questions like this prevail most when we are feeling disconnected from others, not really sure of our purpose or unsure of who we are. And it can happen at any age. As we get older it is often harder to voice. For many their identities have become driven by the roles they occupy at work. The purposelessness has gone on for so long that it’s now the norm and the void is filled with an almost insatiable need for things ... the latest gadget or app surely holds the route to happiness. And given that many older people do have access to finance to support this, the hard questions can be avoided. For the younger generation, those in their first or second job - where money is often not so readily available to fill the void - social media can create sufficient distraction... at least for a while!

But what about those dreams of doing, or becoming - should we just abandon all hope or can we do something that helps us connect with who we really are?

It is still the case that anything is possible if we are prepared to put the self-work in. The story of a young man I met recently in Costa Rica shows this so clearly! Let’s call him Manuel. He and I got talking at an animal rescue centre. He was our guide and clearly had a deep knowledge and passion for his role. He even had a wounded cicada riding around with him on his shirt (see pic above - amazing-looking creatures).

He came from a poor family, and at the tender age of eight, his parents suggested his chances of survival were better if he left home and focused on supporting himself! And so his journey started and he found work as a street seller for a gang. He began to learn what stress meant both physically and mentally as he fought hard to meet the expectations of his so-called employers. He learned that his salvation lay in nature and he found that when he sat with the trees, and quietly let go of his worries then his stress eased. And during the many years he stayed in this work, nature become his protector, provider and passion. Armed only with this incredible tool and an inner dream, he battled his way through life, often without shelter and short of food, believing that one day his dream and purpose would be fulfilled.

His luck changed 5 months ago when a local tour guide company gave him a chance. If he could learn English and enough about the local flora and fauna in three weeks then they would give him a permanent job. And so finally, at the age of twenty, his dream started and let me assure you he did all that he could to achieve this, only to have his hopes shattered on day three of his new job when a tourist complained that Manuel was not worth the guide fee because his English was just not good enough. Manuel’s self-esteem was probably at its lowest point ever. Rejected by society, he packed his stuff up, ready to return to the streets.

Thankfully, this was not the end of the story. The exchange was overheard by someone who had just created the rescue centre and he asked Manuel to come join him and work there.

I was fortunate enough to meet Manuel five months later - his English was phenomenal, his passion was infectious, his knowledge of nature was immense and his love of life and gratitude radiated. And as for what next? His dreams are big. He wants to travel the world as a guide, sharing his passion for the natural world with tourists so that they will learn to care more about the future of the universe.

Now I am sure he will achieve his dreams, but can we say the same?Do you feel that your life is going ok but it could be better? Are you looking for a sense of meaning and purpose? Would you like to enhance your performance? Do you sometimes feel frustrated or stressed out trying to keep up with your own expectations and those of others?
There seems to be this constant need to improve performance ….work faster, deliver more and with less money! Maybe you are in your first or second job, or coming up to finals, you've worked hard and done what you were supposed to but have you had time to build your own resilience?
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