Starting with You - an Introduction to Discovering your true self


Have you ever stopped to ask who you really are? 

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the essence of my identity?

Sooner or later we all seem to stop at the question. Answering it enables us to move forward, lead, manage, and form relationships with ease. Not doing so means stress, anxiety and frustration build – impacting our work, our ability to succeed and our home lives… and we seem powerless to change that.

On May 23rd myself and fellow Business Sourceress Andrea McNeillinvite you to join us in London as we travel to the source of transformational change. This highly interactive, one-day workshop will take you on a journey to help you to begin to understand what is driving your identity now and how to shift that to something that is more aligned to the real you. 

We will travel into the world of shadows, those parts of us that that come from our past, weighing us down, that we drag around. Often we have become so used to travelling with them that we are oblivious whilst those we work with and love wonder why we continue to make life so tough for ourselves. Finally, we will move to understanding who we can be, how to dial into our potential, freeing us to move forward with ease and grace to a place of transformation.