What's Keeping You Stuck?


Have you ever been in a position where you knew you had to make a change and yet you procrastinate? And then, when a set of circumstances forces you to make that change, you utter those immortal words, ’I should have done this years ago!’  

So what is that all about then?  

I think we have all been there, from time to time, and often when we reflect we can smile, seeing the innocence in our stuckness.

The resistance to the change is, of course, coming from us. Or, more precisely, our resistance is coming from our thinking about the situation which can very quickly replay old fears or insecurities. Our thinking creates some very powerful stories, so powerful that it seems as though our logical, rational brain is just hijacked, leaving us well and truly stuck in the moment of our thinking, rather than in reality!

Now, the good news is that as soon as we realise what is happening and look for the proof to support the fears, many of the fears just disappear, our positive energy comes back and we are ready to conquer the change. And if we don’t realise?  Well, sooner or later it seems that the universe comes along in one form or another and nudges us gently, or sometimes more forcefully, in the right direction!